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  • 26/08/2006 I am a Director in Procurement Department
    with Petroleum Ministry here in Italy...
    We are pleased to inform you of the result of the Lottery Winners...
  • 21/08/2006 Award International Program NL 2006
    Attenzione a questo tipo di mail. In realta' non vi è nessuna vincita ma è necessario versare loro una certa somma per...
  • 24/03/2006 Scams di Lotteria di email
    lo scams di Lotteria di Informazioni di Scam di Lotteria Internazionale sono uno dei tipi più comuni di email fraudolenta colpendo attualmente delle posta in arrivo...
  • 16/08/2005 Scam: Your Kind Attention
    I am Mr.E.B Fasheyiky and though I reside in the U.K, I am actually a citizen of...
  • 09/08/2005 Scam: Your urgent Replay is needed
    I have an urgent and very profitable business proposition for you that should be handled with extreme confidentiality...
  • 29/07/2005 Ivoirian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
    Dearest Permit me to inform you of my desire of going into business relationship with you. I got your name and contact from the ivoirianchamberofcommerceandindustry. I prayed over it and selected your name among other names due to its esteeming nature and the recommendations given to me as a reputable and trustworthy person that I can do business with and by the recommendation, I must not hesitate to confide in you for this simple and sincere business.
  • 29/07/2005 Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)
    Attn: Beneficiary,From the records of outstanding contractors due for Payment with the Federal Government of Nigeria, your Name and company was discovered as next on the list of the outstanding contractors who have not yet received their payments.I wish to inform you that your payment is being processed
  • 29/07/2005 Dear Friend, pls assist me
    I am Mrs Mariam Abacha the wife of late head of state Federal Republic of Nigeria I got your from a well certified body. Following the sudden death of my husband General Sani Abacha the–late former head of state of Nigeria in June 1998, I have been thrown into a state of utter confusion, frustration
  • 27/07/2005 Stati Uniti: Allarme Scam
    Da una ricerca condotta da Radicati Group risulta che il 9% degli utenti Internet statunitensi hanno perso denaro a causa di scam via posta elettronica...
  • 26/07/2005 Ancora Arresti per Truffe Nigeriane
    La polizia spagnola individua ed arresta centinaia di persone che si ritiene siano colpevoli di una serie di frodi informatiche. Si parla di criminalità organizzata...

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