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Artificial Intelligence aspects and considerations (Giuseppe Brindisi, www.strategiaglobale.com)

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    To limit ambiguities, is essential to establish the meaning that we will be conferred to the terms " intelligence " and artificial. The meaning of intelligence is so complex that is nearly impossible to exhaust it with a simple definition. We will intend - to our goals - the intelligence as ability to interpret and to understand (reductio ad unum) the information that we perceive. The reductio ad unum  will essentially serve to feed the process of elaboration of strategies for the better solution of the connected problems to the selection of the kind.  
    A known dictionary of the Italian language brings for artificial the definition: "Gotten with shrewdness or technical procedures that imitate or they replace the aspect, the product or the natural phenomenon". This definition doesn't satisfy us, because we should classify artificial almost all the products of the earth in how much in some measure modified by shrewdness or technical procedures. Few or nothing, escape by now the direct or indirect manipulation of the man. In the fat of the penguins - for instance - traces of DDT were found transported by the sour rains.  
    To such intention, Jacques Monod writes in the marvelous book "The case and the necessity": "All of us are convinced to know how to immediately distinguish and without ambiguity among varied objects, those natural and those artificial,; a rock, a mountain, a river, or a cloud are natural objects; a knife, a handkerchief, a car they are artificial objects But as soon as such judgments are analyzed, it realizes us that they are not neither immediate neither entirely objective".  
    The aspect more indicative that differentiates the natural one from the artificial one, is that the artificialo one is always the product of a living being. The living one it self-reproduce thout external interventions. The artificial one is the result of intervention of external strengths. The living one is built by itself and by his inside. The artificial one no.  
    Aristotile perceives that reality contains aspects , or better potential: " …c'è what is only in action or only in power and what is power in action…" (Metaphysical XI, 9,1065). Á. forehead of a conception atemporale aristotelica, modern biology introduces the principle of finality: the form of the living one is evolved by his/her own inside to reach established ends. The DNA, that is to the root of this purposal mechanism , has inside strengths of the same nature of those that organize the crystalline structures. In it there is void not magic. 
    Established the meaning that is assigned " Intelligence " to the terms in the searches and Artificial (AI. the, English acronym of Artificial Intelligence; IA in Italian), we can be understood that the goal of the IA is to build cars that emulates aspects of the Human intelligence and - to the limit - can expound functions of the to think.  
    They are made to reenter in the dominion of the IA: the understanding of the human language (speech recogniction); the artificial vision (artificial vision); the automatic translation (translation system); the experienced systems (expert systems, that the human experts emulate, for instance: analysis of the blood, strategies, diagnostic organic and technological, tactile systems, systems olfattivi, self-learning, recognition of images, objects, environments…); Data Fusion (understanding of data and information; military searches privileged for understanding the big massive structure of information of intelligence and operational harvests on the battleground or to more elevated tactical and strategic levels for the systems of Command and Control so-called C3s, C4, C5 in the sector of the harvest, recognition, dissemination of the useful information to the decisional trials).  
    The Date Fusion is the kernel of the searches on the IA. it is not difficult to imagine the benefits of this technology that it will allow all the organizational structures (industrial, commercial, sanitary, of the transports, financial, banking…) to answer to the question that we set there in front of the analysis of a big massive structure of information: "Which meant they assume these information to the goals of the purposes that I have to pursue"? For the man it is nearly impossible to analyze, to appraise, to choose, to correlate (to understand, to put together for understanding) at times information's billion in real time that  often darken reality rather than to clarify it.  
    USA, obviously included the immense value of this search, they invest in it great resources, material and immaterial. They have gotten involved many Nobel. The systems of command and control used in the war in Iraq  does us to hypothesize the employment of prototypes. The decisional ability would not be explained otherwise centralized in the Central Command, where they reach information from an enormous number of sources (satellitar, aerial, earthlings, electronics, human…). the employment of thousand of analysts would not Even have been enough to analyze, to appraise, to correlate, to select, to try, to spread not in real time a mass of data of certain livable. If Europe included the value of this only search, it would assemble on it resources and - above all - wish, at least not to remain to the dark.  
    It's well immediately to clarify that the searches on the IA have given thin to now inferior fruits clearly to the hoped ones (good results are had in the sectors of the speech recognition, of the artificial vision, pattern recognition and some aspects of the robotics (the robotics is the synthesis of the application of the searches on the IA).  
    This fascinating science-technology is present - not even to say him/it - already in Humerus, in the XIII I sing some Iliade. Teti goes from Efèsto and wonders construction of a new shield for Achille. Efèsto, divine blacksmith, as in a film of James Bond it employs sophisticated tools. In two different footsteps Humerus speaks of automatic carts, built by Efèsto, and of gold girls (made of gold and not in the sense of good and beautiful) that they help him/it in his jobs: " …with him also they moved handmaids / graven in the gold that in all alive young girl seemed, / because sense within the breasts they contain, and strength and it speaks, /…."  

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