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29/09/2006 Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon War, Guerrilla, Terrorism: Strategy and Tactic (Giuseppe Brindisi, http://www.strategiaglobale.com)

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    TUTTOFRANCOBOLLI per iniziare o continuare una collezione a prezzo favorevole o per regalare una bella collezioncina ad un giovane

    War, guerrilla and terrorism, understood as “Prosecution of the politics with other means”, “clash among contrasted wish "Action of strength that has for purpose to force the adversary to submit himself our wish" they also inform him to the same principles conferring to every of their weights and different priority. Principle of the concentration of power, of the surprise, of the manoeuvre, of the economy of the strengths, of the safety, of the reserve to face the unforeseen event. Her strengths avversarie, as in duel of fencing, they aim to preserve his/her own liberty of action and, in the meantime, to limit or to annul that some antagonist.

    The war contemplates to the attainment of a definitive purpose: the annulment of the defensive ability avversaria.

    The guerrilla, is established, in a first time to weaken the hostile wish, both the power of the tool making military adversary unusable, inexpressible in absence of contrast in open field, both demoralizing it with the dripping of human and material losses and forcing to live it, to stir and to operate in climate of stressful insecurity. As what goes weakening himself/herself/itself the enneny wish , the strengths of guerrilla into conventional operational unity are turned for definitely beating the adversary in frontal clashes.

    Terrorism has the tendency to paralyse the adversary with gruesome actions of violence that also go from the slaughters of innocent and defenseless human being what women, old men and children. The purpose is to establish a climate of absolute insecurity and not liveble over whether to force the enemy to defend himself anywhere and to inflict him serious economic and financial damages to face an unpredictable threat for space, objective also vital for the social life. The terrorism as the guerrilla, are a form of transitory struggle that, as a rule, it supports the guerrilla for then to meet in regular army unity.

    The inspiring principles of the war. of the guerrilla and of the terrorism you can seem in antithesis, kind if the relationship of symmetry neglects him among the adversaries.

    For instance the principle of the concentration of power, understood as physical reality of expression of energy in the unity of time must be applies in sense “Napoleonic” (who wants to be strong everywhere it is weak everywhere). attributable Error to the strategy USA sees busy contemporarily America in Afghanistan and in Iraq, on vast territories too much for the relationship forces/space realized in every of the two Countries. he would have been better to face the two conflicts in succession of time. Italy commits analogous error scattering military contingent for mean world.

    It won't spend a lot of time assisting to attacks “assembled” of the strengths of guerrilla that applying the tactic of the General Giap in Vietnam, they will realize concentrations of power against one base at a time (as to From Nang, in Vietnam)

    You mentioned to the physical principle of the concentration of power. You/he/she can make us account as to parity of disbursed energy the factor time both in inverse relationship to the realized power.

    Rapidities of intervention and manoeuvre are essential for effective actions antiguerriglia

    The controsorpresa, is then irrinunciabile to offend, and to defend himself in Iraq and in Afghanistan. Lacks of Intelligence and decisional rapidity, of intervention and of manoeuvre you/they could be ruinous for the strengths that face the guerrilla.

    For that that is known, in Iraq and in Afghanistan you/they have almost always suffered the initiative of the guerrilla and the terrorism.

    If the trend is not reversed, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan will become even more painful for the West,.

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