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  • 08/11/2004 Iraq War and elections. Toward a generalized religious clash (Giuseppe Brindisi, http://www.strategiaglobale.com)

  • Guerra Terrorismo
  • Tutti i Temi Archivio
  • Tutti i Temi
  • Pagina Petrolio
  • Pagina 11 Settembre
  • Ricerca personalizzata

    As what USA will export the Democracy in the world, the Religions will assume more and more conclusive political importance.

    The Democracy is founded on the vote and on the majority. The color of the vote expressed by the masses is function of the ability of orientation of the opinions makers; the religions are without doubt the most important and effective centers of irradiation of the consent to the political power.

    The two powers, political and religious, lives for a long time in simbiosi if not straight coincident as in ancient Egypt, in the Empire Romano, in the Moslem world and in ultramodern England. Even in the Soviet empire, declared atheist there was a perfect fusion between politics and religion being ideology communist religion it same.

    USA, incontestable democratic reality, has expressed always Centers to Be able National and Federal entirely Christians Protestants, made little exceptions of Catholic Presidents of Origin anglo-saxon.

    The dictatorial regimes have succeeded in holding in subordination religious power, even if for limited times, because you/they can live without the vote.

    E' the case of Saddam Hussein. Soon Iraq will vote for the Democracy. Which Democracy? the Moslem with all of his current sciites, sunnite...

    Ukraine recites the farce of the filorussis against the filioccidentalis while it is being I meet him/it between area of Orthodox influence and Catholic area. The same Putin, supported by the Orthodox religious world you/he/she has had to take a stand for the candidate so-called filiorusso.

    The walk toward the vacheggiato New World Order will be embodied in the advancement of the influence political religious. We will have, in West three great Parties: the Protestant, the Catholic and the orthodox one. The vote of the relative masses will be conclusive for the political colors that will prevail and that, inevitably they will be met.

    The Moslem world will be contrasted more compact than that actual against the west,

    It will be really the Democracy to strengthen religious influence in how much the obstacles will fall represented by the Regimes authoritarian monarchists and dictatorial to the unbridled influence on the voting masses of the religious leaders.

    This is The Fog of War, the kingdom of the unforeseen event of I meet him/it among contrasted wish.

    Will see of it of all the colors!

  • Guerra Terrorismo
  • Tutti i Temi Archivio
  • Tutti i Temi
  • Pagina Petrolio
  • Pagina 11 Settembre
  • Ricerca personalizzata

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