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23/01/2004 War in Iraq and Information (di G. Brindisi, http://www.strategiaglobale.com)

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    The strategy of the public information is brusquely changed. From the house of glass of the War in the Vietnam to the informative fog of the War in Iraq.

    Of already the publicizing of the War of the Gulf was drastically reduced.

    The effects of the generalized information and in direct of the war of the Vietnam they were conclusive for the loss of the inside and international consent to the politics USA.

    America, inspiring the information begins of liberty, it didn't set ties to the representation of the conflict of the Vietnam. It underestimated the conclusive role of the psychological war and from the use in the Indirect Strategy.

    It serves to remember that, the situation of nuclear stalemate among the two superpowers, had produced the appeal to indirect forms of strategies, directed to exploit the weak points and the vulnerabilities of the adversary.

    The communism was expanded as a tide; from Asia in Africa, to Latin America and the same West. France and Italy entertained the strongest and virulent communist parties of the west that, in simbiosi with the politics in Moscow they supported indirect strategy of it. Independently from the contents of the communist ideology, the international communist married all of this that could harm to the west and particularly to the United States.

    The support to the racial minorities, to the Third World, to the Arabs in conflict with Israel, the ideal of peace and brotherhood of the young people, the movements for indipendence, the liberalization of the drug, the confrontation of the institutions, the dismantlement of the traditions, the pacifism, the antimilitarism, became the strong points of the left communist in the whole west.

    It is the full application of the principles of Indirect Strategy theorized by the general French Beaufre. To revolve the adversary, to weaken him/it, to empty from the inside the structure, the institutions, in the unity, in the values set to base of the model of western life; in one, the carrying structure of the capitalistic system.

    The United States, forced to the defensive, they tried to contain the red tide and the war of the Vietnam. Now, the war in Vietnam, an action of the politics of containment clearly appears. Neither you/he/she can be denied that the efforts of USA, direct to embank the communism they were wrong. The demonstration is in the state of material and moral poverty of the Countries subjugated by the Soviets or whose regimes to it were inspired and they are inspired.

    They are these verifications and not, as you/he/she could easily be affirmed, declarations of ideological beliefs. Russia has seen destroyed the empire founded by Pietro the Great one; Germany of the east, few misses that it became a people of ragamuffins and idiots; it was the German part more noble, now work to recover from the poverty. Poland, Romania, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Albania and the other Countries of the east ex-communist they suffer poverty and hunger which people tries to escape emigrating to the west and feeding the bedlam of the desperate ones that you/they are revolved for Europe.

    Don't quote the horrors of the massacres of the red Kmers, assassins of 2 million citizens of the Cambogia on a population of as soon as six million.

    Who dares to affirm that USA were wrong in the attempt to embank the communist tide?.

    This engraved for understanding the why of a strategic turn in the management of the public information in the Iraq conflict.

    By the way of war and information, it serves to remember what Clausewitz affirms in the cap. You of “of the war” entitled “Her Information in war”. He is reported above all to the operational information, but it doesn't skip to widen its course. “The information that are gotten in war are to a large extent contradictory, in great part still lying, and almost all uncertain … this difficulty, already important, it is well great in the same tumult of the war; where an information follows other: it is already then a fortune when two contradictory information can counterbalance him enough to attract, from herself the criticism. Very more serious it is the thing for he who it doesn't have experience, when the case doesn't make him such service and instead the following news is sustained, they are confirmed, they are magnified, they add to every instant new colors to the picture…. In two words, the greatest part of the information are false and the avarice of the men is a new cause of lie and inaccuracy”

    It appears clear the difference among public information in absence of war and the same information in situation of war.

    In peace the conditions of verification, deny, precise statements are facilitated. In war, the rhythms, the necessity to subtract him to the annihilation and, at the same time, to destroy the adversary, the practice impossibility of a vision real general and not episodic, they condition the objectivity of the information that they are for him same strategic resource of first greatness. “The newspapers of a country”, Einstein affirms, “they are able, in two weeks, to bring blind and ignorant crowd to such a state of exasperation and excitement to be induced the men to wear the military suit, to kill and to make to kill…”

    To avoid that the free information constituted a vulnerability, USA administration has retained opportune to drastically limit the publicizing of the scenery of war. You/he/she is passed by the flood of images of the conflict of Vietnam, to the evident documentary availability of the war in Iran.

    You/he/she has not been so for the terrorist attack of September 11 to the Twin Towers.

    The destructive event is served to create the dramatic scenes to freeze the humanity. The whole event has had for purpose the diffusion of the images of the terror.

    The director of the Terror was preceded to engrave the minds with terrible visions: the Airplanes with the human load of passengers slip in the towers transforming itself in a horrendous ball of fire; the people fly down from the skyscraper, the two great towers are worn out in splinters as castles of sand, thousand of bodies are extract from the rubbles in direct TV.

    You imagine that owed to show the vulnerability of powerful America, the sufferings which it goes toward the world western imperialist and friend of Israel, the destructive determination of the Islamic integralistis. Purpose, not secondary, it was the to provoke the necessary reaction of USA to mobilize Arabic people for the holy war.

    They are these the formalities of use of the information to produce the hostile feeling and the hostile intention (Clausewitz, cap. I,3 “of the war”)

    To arouse them against themselves, the terrorists you/they have perpetrated the slaughter of September 11; the antiamericanis would be used the images bloodiest of the war in Iraq to foment the hate against USA and their allies. Almost obligatory for USA, to cloud the scene of war.

  • Guerra Terrorismo
  • Tutti i Temi Archivio
  • Tutti i Temi
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  • Pagina 11 Settembre
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