26/12/2003 The End of 2003 a Year of Wars leaves the Problem of the Hunger in the World ( G. Brindisi, www.strategiaglobale.com )

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    2003 goes extinguishing itself. He leaves to 2004 the burden of the tragedy of big part of the humanity. You hunger, the wars, the illnesses, the stamped on dignity, the excesses of the consumerism and the materialism torment big part of the men.

    The discomfort also strikes the Countries of the first mondo,laddove health, social comfort, dignity, job they are not of everybody. Where it doesn't exist the hunger, the consumerism reaps victims with the obesity, the drug, the violence, the indifference, the abandonment of the old ones and the weak, the physical violence of the innocence of his children and the little boys used for the satisfaction of lower part sexual instincts, for the war and even as sources of "pieces of exchange" for the transplantations.

    Who doesn't have to offer beauty, knowledges, ability of I detach, art, has to sell his own body or to enlist in the organized gangsterism. Yet, the attainment of the global comfort is theoretically possible, even if extremely unlikely. The scientific and technological progress makes the diffusion of the comfort possible to the whole humanity. Her potentiality of the planet earth they allow it.

    You are enough to think about the vast cultivable areas in Africa in Australia and in Latin America. Immense areas desert bonificabilis with aquamarine salt free by sources of lower part energy I cost (to seek and to discover as done for the nuclear), elevation of the productive abilities of the third world, affirmation generalized of systems political democratics.

    The hinders to the diffusion of the comfort I am demografic exponential growth, the despicable limitation of the human rights, the myopia of maximum of the managing class, the ideologies.Tras a few decades, continuing of this footstep, the Earth will be populated by 10 milardis of human beings, then 20, 30, to rhythm dreadful ecological geometric.

    We would devour the whole other living kinds and we would now prevent their riprodursi. The 800 million of the 1TH World, are surrounded by billion of men by the life very poor. Imagin that a famine strikes the area Cino-Indiana. Men's million, women children, would try to move to the fat west area, in analogy to the clandestine immigration of the last years.

    I speak of unarmed masses, hungry, undernourished against which the employment of weapons of destructions of mass would be unthinkable now that the world is visible in direct TV.

    The search and development of sources lower part alternatives I cost it requires a financial effort, over how scientific-technological, possible, for now and perhaps, only to the United States, that in a World where Europe eats, Latin America sings and lie and the other muionos of hunger and of too much comfort human right .I is often stamped on kind in the regime Countries Dictatorial.

    The myopia of the managing classes is evident whereas you are observed that they are worried about their business, ignoring that we cannot be been happy on the unhappiness of the others and don't be made business with whom is it doesn't even have money to eat. Political ideologies, are luckily in decline but not the religious integralismis, which it seems affairs an unlikely happy eternal life and a sure tragedian terrestrial life. The aversion of the Church would not be explained otherwise for the limitation of the births and the exaltation of the suicide-homicide of the Islamic integralism.

    Inquietum est cor nostrum

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